Bad Choices Risky Business

Challenging the odds in the Drug Wars

New Novel features gripping story about the third world drug trade and a unique group who face the challenge to survive.

In the late 1970s and '80s, the South Texas borders spawned a unique group of aviators involved in the dubious industry of smuggling goods into Mexico. They traded their skill and bravado for the fast buck, matching whits with the authorities in Mexico, finding safe haven in the border towns of south Texas.

In Flyboys-Risky Business, the friction of the drug trade and our government's politics of expediency in Central America, forces this disparate group to cast their lot together. They fight to salvage their lives from the deceit and treachery of these merchants of despair. Coerced to play a game not of their choosing, sustained by their anger and an anachronistic sense of brotherhood, they fight back with the skills and cunning that are their calling cards in a perilous world. A world where latter-day pirates and the vagabond adventurers ply their trade in the backwaters of aviation, where love of flight and spirit of innovation often replace good sense and judgment.