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Flyboys-Risky Business has been dedicated to the flight crews lost in action fighting wild land and urban interface fires in the United States. I have been working fire contracts since 1978. The men and women who fly fires are a diverse group. A typical pilot brings thousands of flight hours and years of experience before their first hour on a fire. Tongue in cheek I have suggested the thing we all share has been poor career choices in aviation: to a man and woman we love to fly. As a group we have largely been the resource I have drawn on as I wrote the book. I have employed poetic license; hijacking incidences, imputing motives, and generally taking liberties with their experiences and mine. I have produced a work of fiction on the palate of recent past history in the Americas, basted on speculation, imagination, and threads of documented fact.

If you would like to learn more about aerial firefighting check out the Associated Aerial Firefighters web site.